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Per hour session includes 1 engineer and ruff mixdown, burned to CD or emailed.

Studio time per hour. See Below


10 hour block Includes 1 engineer, the studio and project mix and master. You will receive the production on a CD or email once the session is complete.


Make yourself at home while at sound check.
Get a bigger block and this will allow more studio time for less money.

Remember you don't have to use all hours in one session.

We love the night life downtown, the new brick road really ties in the old downtown look and feel.

Located on the east side of the main street parking garage

The live room is great for drums, horns, percussion.

Bring in your personal drum set, I'm sure you will be amazed at the sound response in real cedar walls and ceiling as well as oak floors.

If you feel more comfortable singing or rapping while relaxing on the couch in the studio, it's all good at Sound Check.

We keep it casual and layed back.


If you need addtional out board gear to complete your mix? Don't worry, we can rent it and have it ready for you.

Check out our equipment list Here.

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